Biomethane; A Record Breaking Fuel

With the world-famous Monaco Grand Prix in store for the bank holiday weekend, it is not surprising that the temptations of high-speed records are difficult to resist for the innovators and the thrill seekers around the globe.

It is most exciting, therefore, that earlier in the week we were greeted with the news that a bus in Reading has set the “world’s first service bus speed record” with the ‘Vulcan Bomber’ reaching speeds of 76.785mph.

The best thing about this bus? It is powered entirely by cow poo.

Painted like a Fresian cow, the Vulcan Bomber set the record at the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedford. The aim of this experiment in high-speed bus travel was to dispel the perception that buses are old and smelly, when really this bus is the bus of the future.

Powered by biomethane, just like the fuel we create here at Crouchlands, this bus represents a new generation of bus travel, with sustainable fuel resourcing and efficient journeys.

It’s only a matter of time until Hamilton and Button themselves are speeding around Monaco in cars powered by cow poo.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 15.33.29

NB no matter how tempting it is to pretend to be an F1 driver, our HGVs are driven by responsible and highly trained staff who stay well within speed limits.