Why are Green Levies part of our energy bills?

greenlevies_3172966bIn response to an article in opposition to green levies on energy bills, (https://ifolduk.wordpress.com/2015/05/20/why-are-green-levies-part-of-our-energy-bills/) we would like to provide a different take on this question.

There are a number of reasons for which the green levies earned so much bipartisan support when the 2008 Climate Change Act was passed.

  1. Switching to renewable energy sources saves consumers money in the long term. Gas and oil prices are steadily rising and our dependence on them will only cause them to increase further. By expecting our energy providers to use renewable sources, we take ourselves out of that vicious cycle.
  2. These levies also help us to meet our international obligations to reduce carbon emissions, which we think is pretty important.
  3. They also help to fund smart meters to be installed in consumers’ homes – these allow people to monitor their usage and learn where they can save energy and money. By the end of the decade we should be seeing significant savings on people’s energy bills as a result of these smart meters.

The Climate Change Act was passed almost unanimously – it’s widely recognised as a vital important piece of legislation which aims to provide long term benefits for consumers both in terms of their energy costs and their fuel resources.