In response to Chichester District Council’s decision to take enforcement action.

90Leon Mekitarian, Managing Director of Crouchland Farm:

Today’s decision by Chichester District Council has achieved two things. Firstly it has made a complex legal and planning matter even more complicated, and secondly it has threatened the livelihood of the twenty five people we employ on the farm. Neither outcome is of benefit to our non farming neighbours and those that rely upon the work that we do.

Whilst we are in the process of appealing West Sussex County Council’s decision to overrule their officers recommendation to grant planning permission for our green energy plant, it would have made sense for enforcement action to wait until that process has finished. We are now forced to appeal this decision also, which will incur further costs to the council and ultimately to the people that they serve.

We shall continue to work closely with both the District and the County Council to try to find  a solution to this complicated planning situation, a solution that works for all that live and work in our community.